Poseidon’s Realm: A Voyage around the Aegean

by | Aug 5, 2016 | Books, News | 0 comments

I have recently received the following excellent recommendation of the book by John Clark:

‘In his wonderful new book,Poseidon’s Realm, Peter Marshall once again shows himself to be the ideal guide to explorations both geographical and intellectual. This time, we accompany him on his fascinating and occasionally harrowing adventures around the Aegean. As always, he inspires the reader through his vivid and engaging writing, and along the way offers us profound insights into Greek history and culture. No one has done a better job than Marshall has in this book to make the rich legacy of Greek civilization “a common treasury for all”. Moreover, as we ride the wind with this Philosopher-Mariner, perhaps the greatest lesson he teaches us is that the taste of the sea can at the same time be the taste of freedom.’

John Clark, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, author of many books