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Around Africa: From the Pillars of Hercules to the Strait of Gibraltar

Following in the wake of Vasco de Gama, Peter Marshall set off in early 1992 to circumnavigate the huge continent of Africa.

Africa, where humanity first emerged, where civilization first developed, where the wilderness last remains, can teach us values which may still save humanity from their headlong rush to global madness and destruction. Light shines from the heart of Africa and can illuminate the darkness of the modern world.

Journey Through Tanzania

Outlines the history of Tanzania and discusses the nation’s culture, religions, customs, industries, geography, and wildlife.

Tanzania is a land of rare beauty. Bordered by shimmering lakes and the Indian Ocean, it is East Africa’s largest nation, half the size of Europe. Its natural features are unique: snow-capped Kilimanjaro on the equator, Africa’s largest mountain; Lake Tanganyika, its longest and deepest lake; Lake Victoria, the world’s largest lake, and Ngorongoro, the largest unbroken volcanic crater. In the mighty Selous straddling the Rufiji river and the Serengeti plains in the highlands, roam the last great herds of African wildlife.