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Journey Through Maldives

With photographers Mohamed Amin and Duncan Willetts, Peter Marshall sailed down the Maldivian archipelago, landing at islands usually out of bounds to visitors. He explored the intriguing archaeological remains and dug through the country’s archives. He met local villagers and island chiefs, government officials, boat builders, fishermen and the greatest variety of marine life in the world. The result is a visually stunning and highly informative account of a remote people and a unique island culture which are only just beginning to be touched by the 21st century.

Spectrum Guide to the Maldives

The Spectrum Guide to Maldives is compiled and edited by Camerapix Publishes International,Nairobi, illustrated by the photographers Mohamed Amin and Duncan Willetts with the section History, Geography and People written by Peter Marshall who also helped edit the book. He travelled on a boat and dived underwater with Willetts throughout the archipelago.