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Into Cuba

Into Cuba is a unique book – the first independently produced and fully illustrated on Cuba to appear in the West since the rise to power of Fidel Castro following the Cuba Revolution. Accompanied by award-winning photographer Barry Lewis, Peter Marshall travelled throughout the Cuban archipelago to bring back this startling account of a beautiful, controversial and widely misunderstood country. They travelled from the elegant boulevards of Havana to remote coral islands, from the central sugar plains to the rugged Sierra Maestra, from where Columbus first landed to where Castro and Che Guevara launched the revolution. On their way, they met sugar-cane cutters, cigar rollers, government officials, professors, students, writers, ballet dancers, musicians and artists.

Cuba Libre Breaking the Chains?

Drawing on extensive research and discussions with Cubans from all backgrounds, Marshall critically examines the origins and development of the Cuban Revolution, from the bold attempt to change human nature and to reshape the country’s agriculture and industry, to its influential and controversial role in international affairs. In his lively and thoughtful narrative, Marshall also provides a penetrating analysis of Cuban culture, sexual politics and religion as well as a vivid portrayal of everyday life. In this major reassessment of modern Cuba, the very rhythms of the country can be felt and enjoyed.