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Demanding the Impossible: A History of Anarchism

A fascinating and comprehensive history, Demanding the Impossible is a challenging and thought-provoking exploration of anarchist ideas and actions from ancient times to the present day.

As the reviews make clear, too many to quote, Demanding the Impossible is a genuinely internationalist and highly enjoyable history of anarchist thought and action.It is divided into seven parts: Anarchism in Theory, Forerunners of Anarchism, Great Libertarians, Classic Anarchist Thinkers, Anarchism in Action, Modern Anarchism, the Legacy of Anarchism.

William Godwin: Philosopher, Novelist, Revolutionary

The picture of Godwin that emerges is one of a complex man and a subtle and revolutionary thinker. In the final analysis, Godwin stands forth not only as a rare example of a man who excelled in both philosophy and literature but as one of the great humanists in the Western tradition.

Romantic Rationalist: A William Godwin Reader

In order to make Godwin’s ideas available to a wider audience, Peter Marshall presents in this work a handy collection of his key writings in a clear and concise form, together with a long introduction containing a biographical sketch and an assessment of his contribution to anarchist theory and practice. The selections cover Godwin’s views of human nature, ethics, politics, economics, education and his vision of a free society. Godwin will be of interest to all those who celebrate truth, happiness, individuality, equality and freedom. Indeed, never since the French Revolution has his ideas been so relevant.

Damon and Delia: A Tale by William Godwin

Having uncovered the unique copy of this work in the British Library, Peter Marshall wrote the introduction and arranged its publication. Please apply to Peter Marshall at for a hardback copy of this book, price £10.

Godwin’s first novel, written in 1784, parodies the new man of feeling in a lively and amusing narrative. As might be expected from the future father of philosophical anarchism, the novel is more than a light-hearted treatment of the 18th-century sentimental novel and there is much robust satire. Delia moreover is a girl with a mind of her own and the fiery Sophia asserts that women are not to be controlled.

William Blake: Visionary Anarchist

Offering a lively and perceptive account of his thought ranging from his philosophy and his critique of existing society and culture, to his vision of a free world.

Poet, painter and engraver, Blake was not only a key figure in British Romanticism but involved in the central issues of his revolutionary age. Peter Marshall in this short study draws on Blake’s complete writings to offer a lively and perceptive account of his ideas, ranging from his general philosophy, his critique of culture and society, to his vision of a free world. Marshall reveals the light which shines behind the misty mountain range of Blake’s mythology and symbolism and presents him as deep thinker who anticipated the best in modern anarchism and liberation ecology.