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The people determined are unstoppable

by | Feb 3, 2011 | Blog, Society | 0 comments

Recent events in the Middle East, especially in Tunisia and Egypt, show that when an oppressed people are determined to realize their aspirations for justice, freedom, democracy and peace they become an unstoppable tide, whatever their rulers and security forces try to do.
Tunisians and Egyptians have shown the effectiveness of decentralised, non-violent protest and civil disobedience. Some complain that they have no leaders but this is precisely their strength: they have no heads to cut off. Delegates will come forth to air their grievances and demands as the old tyrannical regime collapses and the process of creating a participatory democracy begins.
What is happening in Egypt and Tunisia must send a seismic shock under the carefully tended edifices of the autocratic elites in the Middle East and beyond.
All power to the people, then power decentralised until power itself is dissolved.
In the words of the poet Shelley: ‘Ye are many- they are few’.