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Scottish Independence

by | Sep 13, 2014 | Blog, Society | 0 comments

I am looking forward to seeing Scotland leave the United Kingdom and Great Britain and its people forge their own future. Whatever happens, the country we live in most of the time is neither United nor Great! We of course knew this but it has recently been made clearer. What has been unleashed will inevitably lead to greater devolution and regional democracy. I would like eventually to see a loose federation of nations working together for the well-being of all (including other species and ecosystems), both within these islands and in a forever-widening circle to embrace the planet as a whole.

P.S. Since writing the above, I appreciate that many Scottish people have voted for the union but the tide for eventual independence seems unstoppable. This also applies to Wales (where I lived for 22 years)and England (where I mostly live now). I feel sure that Ireland, having circumnavigated it in a small yacht, will become a reunited country once again sometime in the future.