Poem: Quiet and calm

by | Jan 29, 2014 | Poems | 0 comments

This poem was written last autumn during my voyage along the south Turkish coast in my small yacht “Celtic Gold”.

Aperlai Creek, southern Turkey

Quiet and calm
under the juniper bush,
sun and shade and stones,
sea lapping on the pebble shore.

Fish among the ancient avenues
under the clear warm waters.
Yellow birds flock among the olive trees,
butterflies flit among the stones.

A long voyage by sea to get here,
howling wind and driving rain,
lightning, wild, thunder, rough,
boat leaping on the high seas.

But how quiet and calm now by the shore.
Ruins, Lycian, Roman and Byzantine,
split by the summer sun,
tumbled by autumn rains.

Peace falls upon us
like a newly launched boat
on a calm sea.