New review of Poseidon’s Realm: A Voyage around the Aegean

by | Jun 17, 2018 | News | 0 comments

A great new review has appeared by the poet and author Jay Ramsay in the 98 issue of the magazine Caduceus. Here is an extract:

‘Peter Marshall is a rare being, a poetic and philosophical polymath who is also very politically aware. With some marvellous books behind him…

A fascinating journey in stages through the Aegean, through ancient and timeless island Greece in a must-read for anyone who loves to phos, that uniqueGreek light which holds so much memory and hidden gnosis…

Spoken with ancient sentiment, with a timeless here-and-nowness and a true love of life that permeates these pages, Marshall’s curiosity and positivity is basic to the energy of this writing which is consistently interesting, travelling as we do through the imagination as well as dreaming of the real thing.’

Jay Ramsay, poet and author, Caduceus