Bognor Boy: How I Became an Anarchist – recommendation

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John Clark has sent me after reading the proofs the following recommendation:

‘It is propitious that Peter Marshall’s Bognor Boy appears at the 50th anniversary of the momentous revolutionary year of 1968. The book is valuable for many reasons, but not least of all as a major document of the generation of 68 and its living legacy. It is an important work, not only of biography, but of social history. It has a rich sense of time and place, and paints a vivid picture not only of Bognor, but of the culture of post-war England, continuing through the 60s. Marshall, a gifted story-teller, tells a compelling tale of personal and social evolution. The narrative progresses through careful attention to the details of everyday life, exemplified perhaps most strikingly in Marshall’s exploration–perhaps demolition–of the worlds of education and work. Throughout the book, he depicts brilliantly how the dialectic between large institutions and small personal incidents leads to insights and awakenings, and thus shapes character, values, and political evolution. At the outset, we discover a young man who is naturally sensitive to the injustices, cruelties, brutalities, prejudices, and absurdities of society. At a certain critical point in history, the facts of personality converge with the facts of history. New possibilities for personal freedom, liberated imagination, and radical social transformation emerge. The springtime of freedom becomes the springtime for Peter Marshall. He becomes what he was always becoming. He becomes an anarchist.’

John Clark,Emeritus Professor, philosopher and author

The book is to be published later this year.