Bognor Boy: How I Became an Anarchist – Advance Information Sheet

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Peter Marshall’s compelling journey takes us from the sunny beaches of Bognor, around the world and back to England, during which time he develops a vision of radical and peaceful change.

Title: Bognor Boy: How I Became an Anarchist
Author: Peter Marshall
Keywords: Biography, memoir, 1960s
BIC Codes: BIO000000, POL042010
Size: 129 x 198 mm
Page Extent: 276
Publication Date: October 2018
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0951106976
RRP: £10 UK
Language: English
Publisher: Zena Publications
Contact: Central Books Ltd
50 Freshwater Road, Chadwell Heath, London RM8 1RX
44(0)20 8525 8800

Main Points:

• Evocative descriptions of life in post-war England
• The ordinary becomes the extraordinary in 1950s Bognor Regis
• Fascinating observations of the USA and West Africa
• Timely story of the generation of 68, half a century ago, and its living legacy
• Compelling memoir of the coming of age of a radical
• Widely published author

Peter Marshall is a philosopher, historian, biographer, travel writer and poet. He is the author of sixteen highly acclaimed books, two of which have been chosen as ‘Books of the Year’. They have been translated into fifteen different languages. His circumnavigation of Africa was made into a British TV series, an Italian TV series was based on his book on alchemy, and his voyage around Ireland was the subject of a British radio series. He has a doctorate in the History of Ideas and is an elected fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. His website is

“Peter Marshall is a rare soul: writer, philosopher, poet, sailor, and a man with an unusually developed social conscience defined by his long interest in history and radical politics beside his grasp of the esoteric as essential to our personal and spiritual development. His work in every sense is the ‘bigger picture’ and is absolutely of our time. I was fascinated to see how all this came into being in this beautifully written memoir.”

Jay Ramsay, poet and author

“Peter Marshall found a silver lining in growing up in a philistine, one-parent, middle-class family that exiled him to boarding school. He discovered the right books, listened to jazz, took to the sea, and thought for himself. His autobiography will chime with freedom-lovers everywhere.”

Max Farrar, Emeritus Professor, sociologist, author and photographer

“It is propitious that Peter Marshall’s Bognor Boy appears at the 50th anniversary of the momentous revolutionary year of 1968. The book is valuable for many reasons, but not least of all as a major document of the generation of 68 and its living legacy. It is an important work, not only of biography, but of social history. It has a rich sense of time and place, and paints a vivid picture not only of Bognor, but of the culture of post-war England, continuing through the 60s. Marshall, a gifted story-teller, tells a compelling tale of personal and social evolution.”

John Clark, Emeritus Professor, philosopher and author

“Bognor Boy charts one soul’s path to freedom, not to mention the yearnings that produced one of the finest radical historians and philosophic speculators of our time.”

Eric Laursen, activist, organizer, and author