Back home from the Aegean

by | Nov 6, 2011 | News | 0 comments

I’m now back home from the Aegean, where I sailed with Liz from Turkey to Greece, from Marmaris up to Delos,then down to Milos and finally back to Marmaris, with many magical islands in between.The islands, with their local economies, seem largely shielded from what is happening in Athens and Thessaloniki, but their is almost universal contempt for the 300 politicians and the rich elite which created the mess and now expect the citizens to pay for their unchecked greed and folly.

Listening to the water music from the stream at the bottom of our wooded valley, I am now enjoying the colours and harvest of autumn. I am also finishing my book ‘Poseidon’s Realm: A Voyage Around the Aegean’ which should be ready soon.