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I have just returned home from sailing in Greece. As usual, it was very inspiring and challenging in the Ionian Sea. Liz and I went to Corfu, hoping to go to the Greek islands to the north of the island opposite Albania but unfortunately the wind blew from the south, not the prevailing north west.  Since there was no shelter on the islands from the south we decided to call it another day.  We went south vi Lavkada and the small island of Meganisi.

I am now back home in East Devon, gardening, walking by the sea and finishing the second part of my memoirs. The first part had been published with the title Bognor Boy: How I Became an Anarchist and takes my life up to do the age of 20. The second part is from then until now.

I am 76 years old and very aware of time’s winged chariot passing very close by. I have very little time left. We are all born astride the grave, and one thing I early learned from existentialism is that we are born to die. We all have to make room for the next generation.

I have tried to pass on the torch of ‘enlightenment’ and to create a more just, equal and free world for all beings, both human and nonhuman. But my generation in general has made a mess of things, particularly with regards to the environment. I have largely been a voice in the wilderness during my life but there is a significant minority of young people who wish for a better world.  There is therefore hope yet!