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(London and New York: Cassell, 1998), hdbk., pp.262; (London and New York: Continuum, 2000), pbk., pp.262; (London and New York: Continuum,2009), Third Edition

The third edition of this book is now available from Continuum with an index for the first time and the new title: Riding the Wind: Liberation Ecology for a New Era.

A Greek translation of the chapter ‘Liberation Ecology’ has also been published by Stavros Karageorgakis (ed.)in Anarchism and Ecology, Eco-anarchist Theory and Action from 19th Century to the Present(Athens: Eutopia, 2015).

‘[Marshall’s] ideas are expressed in such a winning way that they could be the basis of a series of constructive and productive discussions… Readers will benefit from one of the most cheerful and charming books on its subject yet written.’
Nicolas Walter, Times Literary Supplement

‘A quite superb book… unique in its blend of scholarship, philosophy and personal passion.’
Neil Taylor, Shared Earth Trust

Riding the Wind offers an ecological parable for living well and lightly on the Earth.Peter writes from the head and the heart with great eloquence and skill… [His] liberation ecology is a holistic adventure in love.’
Walter Schwartz, Resurgence

‘Marshall’s sense of the beauty and wildness in nature, of the sacredness of natural life and of the wisdoms of the Eastern mystics are, of course, important considerations in a world which is increasingly mad with competition, dominance, neo-imperialism, and profit. And any reasonable person would applaud his efforts to promulgate the importance of this sense of nature’s sacredness if we are to survive as fully human beings in the twenty-first century.’
Arthur J. Spring, Bridges

‘The book is optimistic and idealistic. It has reason, emotion, insight, breadth of knowledge, contradiction, prejudice, poetry, folklore… Embrace its eccentricities and wrestle with its vision of a new creation. Ride the Wind!’
Mike Perks, The Friend

Riding the Wind is a well-written and accessible work. It makes a strong statement of Peter Marshall’s important and distinctive position in contemporary ecological thought. The book deserves to be read and discussed widely.’
John Clark author and Professor of Philosophy, Loyala University, New Orleans

‘Thoughtful and well-developed… with a satisfying, coherent vision of reality’
Publishers’ Weekly

Riding the Wind is something of a testament. Peter Marshall takes liberation ecology as his alternative to Western materialism. Those many readers who share his despair at the forces motivating modern society may find what they are looking for.’
World Review

Where do we come from? Who are we? Where are we going? In seeking answers to these fundamental questions, Peter Marshall develops a dynamic and organic philosophy for the third millennium which he calls ‘Liberation Ecology’.

Deep, holistic, social and libertarian, Liberation Ecology seeks to free nature, society and all beings from their existing burdens so that they can realize together their full potential. It is based on a love of freedom and a reverence for all life.

Riding the Wind is a testament of Marshall’s mature philosophy. It presents a fresh and inspired vision which combines ancient wisdom and modern insights, reason and intuition, science and mythology. It is a lyrical and thoughtful guide on how to live well and in harmony with oneself, with others and with nature. It should appeal to all those who wish to act well, create a free and convivial society and find a meaningful place within the universe.