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NATURE’S WEB: Rethinking our Place on Earth

Also published by Cassell, pbk (London, 1995) – UK edition subtitled ‘An Exploration of Ecological Thinking

Paragon House, hdpk (New York,1994)

M.E.Sharpe, pbk (New York,1996)



In the U.K.

‘For all its learning, this book is earthy and approachable, and I think essential. No similar guide exists, no ecologist can fail to deepen the roots of her understanding.’
Walter Schwarz, The Guardian

Nature’s Web will do a lot of valuable things, not the least of which is to give credit and blame, and to balance emotion and rationality with a moderation that is far more persuasive than polemic would be. It should be read by everyone who cares for the planet.’
Philip Ball, Nature

Nature’s Web will do much to reconnect us to our roots. It’s an extraordinary book, of great learning and intellectual insight written at a cracking pace to cover the whole gamut of the history of ideas.’
Jonathon Porritt, Resurgence

‘An important contribution to the development of a new ecological world view… The clearly written and highly documented encyclopedic work… deserves to be a standard work.’
Edward Goldsmith, The Ecologist

In the U.S.A.

‘This a wonderful history of “green” ideas. Heroes and villains fill this splendid account of humanity’s relationship with nature… Highly recommended’.
D. Christie, Choice

‘A compelling search for a new environmental ethic’.
Publishers Weekly

‘Outstanding… Marshall’s survey is a useful philosophy primer, since he ably condenses the demanding work of such influential thinkers as Descartes, Spinoza, Locke, Hegel, and Darwin. He traces the spiraling process that has brought us back to a more respectful and holistic view of nature in the form of environmental ethics and deep ecology, a perspective essential to halting the damage we’re doing to our planet.’

‘We know that meeting the environmental crisis requires urgent action. But we’ve come to realize, sometimes painfully, that it’s easy to repeat the conceptual mistakes of ages past, and to overlook older wisdom. This book will help – help a lot!’
Bill McKibben, author of the End of Nature

‘An enlightening and valuable survey of ecological thought throughout the ages – massive in scope – that makes clear why the preservation of the Earth is our only essential task.’
Kirkpatrick Sale, author of Dwellers in the Land